Healthy Food Program

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Each week you’ll receive a bag of fresh vegetables, fruits and healthy staples at one of 49 sites throughout the county or at your door step if you have a disability or other mobility issue, or don’t drive. You’re also invited to shop every weekday at 11am in our warehouse free grocery store and/or enjoy a delicious hot lunch at 11:30am.

NOTE: We’re delivering bags as usual Labor Day week, September 2-3, 2021.

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thank you

"I'm deeply grateful for my Grey Bears bag. Especially right now during COVID while I'm not making any money. The Grey Bears bag is the only food I've had for the past 2 weeks and I've been able to survive on it. Thank you so much. I'm so grateful to all of you."
—Dana, Soquel

"You are a huge blessing in my life! Kind, generous people. I'm a vet who was homeless for a year, this kept me going."

"Just thank you. It's also nice to see the other recipients each week although now we are hugging from 6 ft. apart.”
—Michael, Santa Cruz, 68

"Thank you! This service is great and really helps our struggling family. We are renewing as lifetime members." —Roger, Santa Cruz

"I have never eaten so healthy! I am almost 80 and I am eating salad several times a week for the first time in my life! Love the strawberries, too. Thank you!"
—Jeanie, Capitola

"Thank you to Grey Bears for the amazing bag of groceries I just received. Thank you for all of the time, work and contributions it takes to make a brown bag."
—Toni, Capitola

"We received our first delivery of wonderful produce today. It's been a difficult time for us and we can't tell you how much your fresh vegetables and fruit have helped out."
—Patrick, Santa Cruz

"I am so grateful for the food in my weekly brown bag and my delivery driver, Paula, who I adore. I am disabled and my husband passed away four years ago. Grey Bears is a lifesaver.”
—Victoria, Santa Cruz

"Your food goes a long way to helping us eat healthier and save money. Wishing all of you happiness in the New Year."
—GJ, Santa Cruz

"Thanks for the weekly bag and extra boxes of food. A real treat. And your volunteers are always the best, so warm and engaging."
—DA, Ben Lomond