Volunteer Spotlight

Millie Kaitschuck. Born: May 9, 1923 in Chicago. Age: 91
Favorite color: blue

millie_k_1Family: “The first time I met Melvin during high school, he proposed to me. We started going steady. He was a blimp pilot stationed at Moffett Field during WWII. I took a train to Oakland and we were married the next day. Melvin was a Woodshop teacher at SLV High, though he never went to college. He could make anything. Now I’m his caretaker, he’ll be 93 in April.”

Why Felton?: “We couldn’t afford a place to live in Mountain View, so we moved to Felton in 1943. A half-acre was $1,000, and we built our home for $5,000 out of Ponderosa pine cause you couldn’t get dry lumber during the war.” Our first child was a boy, Daniel, then we had five girls. Daniel, who’s now 70, comes here from Arizona to help us with home repair projects.”

Career: “I always wanted to be a nurse. After all my kids were born, and the youngest was 2 years old, the older kids could take care of her while I went to Cabrillo to become an LVN. I worked as a nurse for 30 years.”

On volunteering: “I’ve been a brown bag delivery driver for 20 years. I deliver 136 bags to the Presbyterian Church in Felton every Friday. Melvin used to be my copilot, now Adi West drives with me. When I arrive I see everyone there, it’s so fun. One of them, “Prince” is making an apple pie for my husband’s birthday – he’ll be 93 in April. It’s a great program, healthy food to supplement what we have to buy. I also love thrift stores and Grey Bears is one of the best.”

Favorite item in the brown bags: “Raspberries and strawberries. I make jam as gifts. I also made red pepper jelly from peppers in the bags.”

Attribute your longevity to?: “Well, I don’t drink, don’t smoke, eat right and help others. I like to stay busy volunteering at my church, with Grey Bears, am secretary for TOPS (take off pounds sensibly), and take care of my great grandkids. Oh, and I never get angry.”

Best thing about getting older: “I’m happier. There’s less responsibility, we aren’t facing big life decisions, and we have such wonderful friends and family.”