Volunteer Spotlight: Linda Babcock

Linda Babcock

Born May 30, 1950 in San Mateo. “My mom and many relatives still live there.”

Business and art: “Two friends and I had clothing design business in the 80’s in San Jose. I was always interested in papermaking and fiber arts. After we closed that business, I took a weekend workshop in papermaking where I met my husband John, who lived in Santa Cruz. We’ve been together since 1993 and live in Soquel. I’m a retired school teacher and do lots of volunteering. I spend summers teaching papermaking in Watsonville and San Francisco.”

On Volunteering:  “My parents were very active and always volunteering. From a very early age they instilled in me the importance of giving back.”

Why Grey Bears? “I first came to Grey Bears to recycle. Then, I don’t really remember how, but all of a sudden I was volunteering as a brown bag delivery driver. It was so rewarding, bringing groceries to those who weren’t able to leave their homes. After two years of driving I was whisked away into the office. What I love most about being in the office is the number of people I meet who come in and share their gratitude for what Grey Bears does. It feels really good knowing that we’re meeting such a huge need in our community. Plus, I really enjoy the people I get to work with.”