Volunteer of the Month

Ken Miller, age 95.

Born:  September 23, 1918 in Sacramento County.

IMG_0476Growing up: My two brothers and sister and I attended a one room school of eight grades to which we walked 2.5 miles from home daily. Graduated Gault High School in 1937.

Married to Lois in 1942. We met at a dance at the Cocoanut Grove in 1940. On our 50th anniversary in ’92 I decided she was a keeper. Three daughters, Joyce (age 70), Jean and Beverly.

Favorite color: Blue

Why Grey Bears?  I sold my business and retired in 1982, and was looking for something to do. I knew about the Bears and went to check them out over on Mission/Hwy 1. I liked everyone and loved the brown bag program, and started helping out with carpentry projects. I remember the neighboring business calling us a bunch of communists because we were feeding people.

I drove an old GMC beer truck we called “Old Red” picking up loose cardboard for nearly 20 years. I also drove to Oakland to pick up bread for the bags. I’ve been taking apart computers in our e-waste recycling over the past five years.

A truck story:  We were driving down 101 from Oakland with a full load of bread in banana boxes. I lost about 10 boxes on the freeway, the wind blew them right off the truck. People were tooting their horns to let us know.

Housing:  Lois and I bought a house in the banana belt in ‘52, next door to where we still live today. There were no curbs, no gutters and no drainage, and there was a creek that ran from DeLaveaga Park to Safeway on Morrissey. It was a mess in the winter months.

Best thing about aging:  You appreciate your family, friends and co-workers more. I still love working in the garden, and still do my own pruning. Our Washington Delicious apple tree is 45 years old and is loaded with apples this year.

Best advice. Moderation in all things, stay active and happy, count your blessings every day.