Volunteer of the month

Name: Millie Goulet
Age: 95
Lives in: Soquel
Favorite color: Pink
Born: St. Louis MO on November 14, 1917 and lived mostly in Chicago. I moved to San Diego in 1942 and lived there for 40 years. in 1982 I moved to Santa Cruz to live near my son. I think everyone should move every 40 years or so, don’t you? I live alone and have a housekeeper that comes every two weeks.


Volunteerism: I started pricing in the back room of the Grey Bears thrift shop in 2000. I was known as the fastest pricer in the west. The friendships with other volunteers are what I enjoy most, and I love getting my brown bag.

Best advice: I got two computers but didn’t get very far. I think every computer should come with a grandson to teach you how to operate it.

Hobbies: I play bridge at the senior center once a week, and I haven’t noticed any diminishing of my card skills. My 64 year old son helps me a lot and I see him 2-3 times a week. I also have a 67 year old daughter who lives in San Diego who I see twice a year. My kids are damn near as old as I am.

Worst thing about aging: My lack of speed and mobility. I was always a very active person, though I was never big on exercise. Slowing down has been the most difficult thing.

Best thing about aging: I can’t think of anything good about getting old, except how kind everyone is. The stories about helping little old ladies across the street are true. I’m little, I’m old and I’m a lady, but I never intended to be a “little old lady.”