Volunteer of the Month

Rouchann (Rocci) Kountz. Born: in Oakland CA on December 21, 1942 (the same month that Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” first appeared in the movie “Holiday Inn”)

rocci_kountzLives in: Soquel
Favorite color: Red

Family: “I married Dick in 1968 and became a Navy wife stationed in Vallejo. We moved to San Jose in 1973 after Dick left the service to join SJPD, and I worked as a senior administrative assistant for Konica film processing managing 240 stores. I watched San Jose grow from orchards into a city.”

Why Santa Cruz: “It didn’t take much convincing from my sons to get me to move here from Fresno in September 2005 after another valley summer, and to be closer to them.

Why Grey Bears: “I visited Grey Bears and began volunteering in the thrift store. I was asked to help in the office and have been managing the membership database since. I’ve seen so much growth in the past eight years with so many new members. I also chair the Grey Bears advisory board, and serve on the board of directors. I love what I do and I think Grey Bears is a fantastic organization. I also help serve Tuesday night dinners at the Mid-County Senior Center.

Hobbies: I love to sew and make ceramics, and enjoy traveling.

On growing older: “Change and learning are good for us at any age. Accepting who we are is easier, and I don’t look in the mirror as often or for as long as I used to.”

Advice: Keep a smile on your face even when times are hard.