Volunteer Lifetime Member Awards

Three volunteers will be recognized at this year’s Holiday Dinner on December 7 for their many years of extraordinary service to Grey Bears.

Nancy_Dushey2Nancy Dushey
: May 18, 1945 in San Jose and grew up in the Santa Clara Valley.
Family: Married 51 years, three children and five grandchildren (ages 7 to 27).
Favorite hobby: gardening.
Are you handy?: “I built our house with my father in Scotts Valley. I love physical activities.
Work: While raising our kids I worked part-time for American Greetings setting up displays.
On volunteering: I started volunteering at Grey Bears in 2000 and got to use my merchandising experience in the thrift store. After six years I moved over to the warehouse brown bag program in quality control. We process all of the produce and staples we receive and prepare them for bagging each week. I love being with people and I think Grey Bears is a terrific organization.
Favorite produce item: I love artichokes, fruit and berries. Everything is seasonal, we’re getting lots of wonderful apples that have been going into the bags.

Bob_Pat_VPat & Bob Vasconcellos

Born: in Taunton, MA in 1946 and Santa Cruz in 1943 respectively.
Married: “We met at Surf Bowl on separate league teams. It was love at first strike. We’ve been married 47 years.”
Family: We have two sons and two grandchildren we adore, ages 13 and 10.”
On volunteering: “Both of us volunteer in the thrift store. I love the challenge of repairing things. The fire was devastating. It destroyed all of my tools. We love Grey Bears and it means a lot that our efforts support the brown bag program.
Favorite hobby: “Karaoke. We’re both pretty good singers. On a recent cruise we sang in front of 200 people and became karaoke celebrities.”
Best thing about getting older: “We feel more freedom to be who we are, do what we want, when we want.”