Chair yoga pose of the month

Seated Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)
This pose integrates the basic elements of yoga: stability, expansion, steadiness and ease. Triangle pose builds strength in the feet and legs, and flexibility in the hips, torso, shoulders and arms. Ground to the earth as you reach for the sky.

Here’s how:suzi_triangle_cropped
Sitting toward the front of a sturdy chair, position the feet and knees toward a 45-degree angle from center, knees directly above ankles, hands resting lightly on the knees. As you take a deep in-breath, lean your torso to the left leaning your left shoulder toward your left leg. Extend the left arm down to the inside of the left knee, and reach the right arm up toward the sky. Imagine a straight line from your left fingertips to your right fingertips. If comfortable, turn your head to look at your right hand. Hold for 3-5 complete breaths. Release on an exhale by pressing the left foot firmly, engaging the belly to the spine, and releasing back to neutral. Prepare for the second side.

Strengthens and stretches legs, torso, groin and shoulders
Helps with low back and sciatic pain
Increases the chest expansion for deeper breaths
Increases flexibility of the spine