Computer Electronics Store

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The Computer-Electronics Store offers:

  • Refurbished computers: PC desktop, laptops, notebooks, iMac, MacBook Pro all with operating systems installed, tablets, iPods, iPhones, mp3 players and more.
  • Computer peripherals and components: monitors, printers, speakers, hard drives, cables, connectors, power supplies, mice, keyboards, chargers and other electronics, etc.
  • LCD/Smart TVs, TVs with DVD/VHS players built in.
  • Audio gear: complete stereo systems, amplifiers, speakers, DVD and CD players, vintage radios, digital and analog telephones and more.
  • Computer gaming systems, XBox, Playstations, Wii,  and vintage systems.
  • Appliances: microwaves, compact refrigerators, microwave ovens, vacuums, sewing machines and much more.

Best of all, proceeds from electronics sales support our Healthy Food program.