Lifetime Volunteer Award – Eleanor Stitt

Eleanor Frances Stitt
Born in Boston MA on October 1, 1938. “I was raised on seven acres southwest of Boston. We butchered and smoked a pig every year and enjoyed domestic geese. I took the bus to school, received a work scholarship to Wellesley College where my great aunt taught biblical history and mother graduated also. I operated lantern slides for professors and majored in English language and literature.”

Favorite color: “I like the entire rainbow.”Eleanor

Travel much? “I lived in New Zealand in the ’60s and worked as a children’s librarian for three years on an immigrant visa. I learned about pounds, shillings and pence, and loved ‘tramping’ (hiking). I returned and worked at the New York Public Library for seven years. I traveled through Africa for six months, and loved the local peoples and varieties of bread. I returned to begin studies for a Masters in English, which I received from Rutgers.

How did you end up in Santa Cruz? “In 1981 a fellow Mensa member asked me to house sit his home in Santa Cruz for six months. I loved this area, bought a house and have been here ever since. I ran the Santa Cruz Learning Center for gifted and dyslexic children and adults, and worked in the Santa Cruz City Schools K-12 Library.”

Why Grey Bears? “I attended the holiday dinner in 1998 and was invited to join. My membership check was lost in the office, so I decided Grey Bears needed my help. Each week I make sure that every senior we serve is on a route and receives a brown bag. My job reminds me that the drivers are the essential links to the success of the program. I’m inspired by everyone here that goes above and beyond to make sure Grey Bears is successful.”

Best thing about getting older: “The aches and pains remind me that my nerves are working.”
Worst thing: “The days are getting shorter.”

Best advice for youth?: “Maintain good posture.”