Your nonprofit re-user and recycler

bob_leonPutting your recyclables to work, including Styrofoam (PS6), the Grey Bears Chanticleer recycling centere-waste and thrift store donation station are open every day, Mon-Sun 7:30-3:30, and the Buena Vista Landfill recycling center is open Mon-Sat 7:30-3:30.

Our goal is to reuse and repair household donations, books, etc. for sale in our thrift store, bookstore and hardware store. Our tech volunteers sanitize and refurbish donated PC, Mac and tablet computers, and test and repair TVs, audio-video gear, appliances and other electronics for resale in the Computer Electronics Store.

All proceeds directly support the Healthy Food for Seniors Program, delivering brown bags of groceries to 3,800 seniors each week, including 1,000 who are homebound. Thank you for supporting Grey Bears!