Chair Yoga Pose of the Month

Pigeon Pose seated in a chair is an effective hip opener that increases range of motion in the hip socket. This pose opens and stretches the hips, legs, groins and back.


Grey Bears chair yoga student, Louisa Gutierrez, demonstrates pigeon pose with a twist.

Here’s how: Sitting tall, guide your foot to the top of the opposite knee. To protect the elevated knee, dorsiflex your foot so your toes are aiming back toward the bent knee.

Press the supporting foot firmly into the ground to lift and lengthen the spine. Hold for 5-10 full breaths and gently release the foot to the floor. Change sides.

1) Add a twist to your pose by turning gently to the bent knee side.
2) Stretch the arms straight up so they frame the ears to open the side ribs and chest for a few breaths before twisting.

Contraindications: Do not do this pose if you have had a hip replacement, or have knee issues.