Chair Yoga – Focus on the Feet

happy feetChair Yoga with Suzi, Tuesdays and Fridays, 9:30am at Grey Bears. Our feet hold us up and ground us to the earth. The alignment of our feet and the distribution of weight through them affect the position, function and flow of energy through our knees, hips, back and shoulders. When our feet are tired our whole body is tired. Here are a few exercises and tips to re-energize your feet to keep them happy and healthy.

1. Sit comfortably tall on a chair. Extend the right foot forward with knee bent slightly. Align the foot with your knee and hip. Flex your foot with toes pointing upward and back toward your right knee, toes spreading lightly. Then with alternating movement stretch all five toes to the floor, flexing and tapping for five to 10 times building up to 30 seconds per side. Lastly, rotate the ankle in circles five times in each directifoot flexion_extensionon. Change sides.
2. Stay hydrated; drink plenty of water daily.
3. Massage your feet by rolling them on a tennis ball, golf ball or wooden roller to release tension held in the feet.
4. Elevate your feet. Place several pillows under your feet and ankles on a comfortable bed or on the floor. Lie back and relax. Take long full concious breaths.
5. Walk barefoot more and wear supportive shoes with proper depth and stability.
Now get out there and dance!

Enjoy the benefits of Chair Yoga with Suzi, Tuesdays and Fridays, 9:30am at Grey Bears, $5 suggested donation.