“One of the important requirements for learning how to cook is that you also learn how to eat.”
— Julia Child

Tune in to Cooking with Grey Bears every Monday at 1pm via Zoom. Led by Chef Matt Hereford and guest chefs including Chef Poppy DeGarmo, we’ll feature savory and easy-to-prepare recipes that include items found in Healthy Food program deliveries.

Clickable link for the live classes: We’ll also be posting recipes below and recorded shows on our YouTube page soon. Buon Appetito!

What we eat and how we care for our bodies has a very powerful effect on our health and quality of life. Grey Bears strives to include a balanced assortment of primarily vegetables and fruits, and healthy grains, legumes and other healthy staples in the weekly brown bags we deliver. That’s because we recognize fresh produce contains important nutrients, phytochemicals and other elements that keep us healthy.

These simple and delicious recipes – including some by Chef Poppy who offers monthly cooking classes at Grey Bears – feature informative food facts, recent research and seasonal foods. Bon appetit!

  • Simply Red Lentil Dal

    Simply Red Lentil Dal

    This wonderful warming winter dish is simple to make for those new to Indian food or to cooking in general. It's also inexpensive, flavorful, full of protein and great for leftovers. Ingredients 1/2 cup red lentils ...

  • Garden Ratatouille

    Garden Ratatouille

    Enjoy this savory dish with vegetables from your Grey Bears bag and your garden! Ingredients 2 T extra virgin olive oil 1 medium onion chopped 2 garlic cloves minced 1 green bell pepper thinly sliced 1 red bell pepper ...

  • Brain Smart Holidays

    Brain Smart Holidays

    Feed your brain with our latest Eating Healthy newsletter and a few "Alzheimer's-prevention" recipes by Sandi Rechenmacher. Featured are ‘Brainy’ Bonus Bars, Cashew Dream Cream and Chocolate Fantasy Mousse. May you and yours enjoy the sweetest of seasons ...

  • Eating Healthy Newsletter, Fall 2012

    Eating Healthy Newsletter, Fall 2012

    This issue entitled "Stop in the name of Love" offers news and tasty plant-based recipes that will grow a healthier me & you, AND help lower those ever-mounting US health care costs. In ...

  • Healthy Eating this Summer

    Healthy Eating this Summer

    In this month's nutritional newsletter we offer ideas for some healthy tips if you're traveling this summer, including ordering at restaurants and tasty snacks to take along in the car or on the ...

  • Grey Bear’s Garden – May Newsletter

    Grey Bear's Garden - May Newsletter

    Healthy recipes and more - This month Sandi writes that two newly published studies once again confirm that a ‘Mediterranean diet’ is linked to lower risk for mortality and chronic diseases, and may also protect ...

  • Grey Bear’s Garden – April Newsletter

    Grey Bear's Garden - April Newsletter

    This month Sandi writes about Indian spices such as turmeric, ginger, cumin and cayenne getting more and more attention for their anticancer properties. Try Sandi's "Any Vege Coconut Curry" recipe with any vegetables you have on ...

  • Grey Bear’s Garden – March Newsletter

    Grey Bear's Garden - March Newsletter

    Our own health educator, Sandi Rechenmacher, writes about Delightful Dressings to Devour in the March Grey Bears Garden. Click here to read Sandi's Newsletter Sandi notes the national focus on eating more green leafy vegetables, including so many ...

  • Sandi’s Garden – January Newsletter

    Sandi's Garden - January Newsletter

    Longtime volunteer Bonnie Thompson smiles at right holding a Grey Bears brown bag of groceries she received this week. The bags are chock-full of fresh, healthy produce and extra dry goods. In the Grey ...

  • Sandi’s Garden – December Newsletter

    Sandi's Garden - December Newsletter

    Mushrooms, Fruit of the Fungi Sandy writes about the many health benefits of mushrooms and their legendary healing effects (recognized by modern science), including the Portabellas you'll frequently find in your Grey Bears weekly ...

  • Healthy Eating – November 2011

    Healthy Eating - November 2011

    Take a ‘Savory’ World Tour with Grey Bears Veggies and Sandi's Garden and Kitchen November Newsletter! The time is now for Sure-Fire Roasted Vegetables. Check out Sandi's savory recipes and seasoning mixes for ...

  • Eating Healthy – October 2011

    Eating Healthy - October 2011

    Each month the Grey Bears Bag of Goodies delivers nutrition that reflects the season’s bounty. But what to do with it ALL, if you can’t munch it up right away? Storing these goodies ...

  • Eating Healthy – August 2011

    Eating Healthy - August 2011

    Click here to read the August 2011 issue of our Grey Bears nutrition and recipes newsletter. Written by our Nutritional Consultant, Sandi Rechenmacher, this month's newsletter is entitled, "Zucchini Dogs and Bird’s Nest Noodles." ...

  • Eating Healthy – July 2011

    Eating Healthy - July 2011

    Click here to read the July 2011 issue of our Grey Bears nutrition and recipes newsletter. Written by our Nutritional Consultant & Educator, Sandi Rechenmacher, this month's newsletter is entitled, "How To Feed Two ...

  • Eating Healthy – June 2011 Newsletter

    Eating Healthy - June 2011 Newsletter

    Click here to download the June 2011 issue of our Grey Bears nutrition and recipes newsletter. Written by our Nutritional Consultant & Educator, Sandi Rechenmacher, this month's newsletter honors Men’s Health Month in celebration of ...

  • Eating Healthy – May 2011

    Eating Healthy – May 2011

    Click here to download our Grey Bears nutrition and recipes newsletter for May 2011. Written by our Nutritional Consultant & Educator, Sandi Rechenmacher, this month's newsletter features delicious medicinal soups to protect us from ...