A volunteer’s thoughts on Grey Bears

rainbowI love Grey Bears!! As a volunteer with this organization and as one of its newer members, I not only see the benefit to others in my community but to my family as well. Grey Bears is a unique and local organization that takes the stuff that most cities throw away and resurrects it into: meals, products, funds, compost, and most importantly, meaningful and fulfilling roles that sustain our citizens, our community and our earth.

As a resident of Scotts Valley, I have come to rely on the Brown Bag grocery program to supplement my weekly groceries. Personally, I drop off bags for over 40 other families in Scotts Valley. And I have witnessed and participated in Grey Bear’s brilliant food program where they offer a conduit for the “day old” products and produce to fill stomachs instead of dumpsters. In addition to working with grocery retailers, the gleaning program with local farms also provides an avenue for produce that may not be cosmetically “market worthy” to find very grateful consumers.

Before “Green” was a thing, Grey Bears set up systems for reusing and recycling that are models for other communities. They are a great example of a creativite and future-visioned business model.

I encourage you to directly support Grey Bears as your contribution remains local, vital and easily witnessed — and we have added and continue to add more households to the program. And if you’ve never seen the Grey Bear campus – get yourself over there on a Brown Bag morning and be amazed. And don’t forget the Thrift Store, it’s the best one in Santa Cruz County.

Ruth Poe