Don_chief_composter_2Grey Bears has two installations to recycle leftover food scraps from our daily lunch and Brown Bag Programs. Our six Earth Tubs turn food scraps from our brown bag and lunch programs into high-quality compost for your garden, and we sell it dirt cheap at our Thrift Store.

We also have a worm composting demonstration area behind the main office. If you’re interested in setting up your own home recycling with worms, or would like some of our worms to get started, our Vermiculture expert, Paul McGillicuddy (pictured below) is here every Friday from 10-11am. You can email Paul for more information,

Worm castings provide beneficial microorganisms as well as plant growth hormones, humus and nutrients to the soil. They have been shown to increase seedling germination, enhance growth and, in some cases, impart disease resistance to plants. Composting with worms can help to limit global warming and climate change as well as improve soil.