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  • Message from the Executive Director

    Grey Bears Executive Director, Tim Brattan, recently took time out to record this one-minute PSA at Community Television of Santa Cruz County.

  • Message from the Executive Director

    Grey Bears Executive Director, Tim Brattan, recently took time out to record this one-minute PSA at Community Television of Santa Cruz County.

  • Check out our Spring 2015 Newsletter

    Line4_thumbs upFind out the latest news at Grey Bears in our Spring 2015 newsletter. Features include a fire recovery update, upcoming events and classes, two healthy recipes, volunteer spotlight, chair yoga meditation and more. Click here to read more.

  • Chair Yoga and Meditation
    CY0306154“Meditation is one of our greatest tools for self preservation. When we sit quietly in class for a few minutes, we bring awareness to the breath and a deep, restoring stillness to the mind and body,” says Grey Bears chair yoga instructor, Suzi Mahler.

    Simply defined, meditation is a way of being aware – the happy marriage of doing and being. It can lift the fog of our ordinary lives to reveal what is hidden.

    A few of the benefits of meditation are well documented:

    • Lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety;
    • Decreases tension-related pain, such as tension headaches, insomnia, muscle and joint problems;
    • Improves mood and the immune system, and promotes healing; and
    • Enhances creativity and intuition.

    You can find hundreds of free meditation and mindfulness podcasts on iTunes. Click here or here to listen to some short mediations, or click the player below to hear a five-minute guided mediation,

  • Thrift Store Spring 1/2-Off Sale!

    thrift_2015_1THIS Saturday, March 14, 10am-3pm. Out with the old, in with the cool. Spring is a great time to start a new craft project, plant a garden or bring something fun into your life and home. Our thrift store and electronics store have it all – furniture, art, housewares, refurbished computers, peripherals, TVs, appliances, garden items, tumbled glass, medical equipment and more. And if you haven’t browsed through our expanded books and media center yet, prepare to be amazed, all titles at the lowest prices anywhere.

    And thank you for your household and office donations – all proceeds support the Brown Bag Program, delivering 4,500 bags of healthy groceries to seniors each week.

  • Volunteer Spotlight

    Millie Kaitschuck. Born: May 9, 1923 in Chicago. Age: 91
    Favorite color: blue

    millie_k_1Family: “The first time I met Melvin during high school, he proposed to me. We started going steady. He was a blimp pilot stationed at Moffett Field during WWII. I took a train to Oakland and we were married the next day. Melvin was a Woodshop teacher at SLV High, though he never went to college. He could make anything. Now I’m his caretaker, he’ll be 93 in April.”

    Why Felton?: “We couldn’t afford a place to live in Mountain View, so we moved to Felton in 1943. A half-acre was $1,000, and we built our home for $5,000 out of Ponderosa pine cause you couldn’t get dry lumber during the war.” Our first child was a boy, Daniel, then we had five girls. Daniel, who’s now 70, comes here from Arizona to help us with home repair projects.”

    Career: “I always wanted to be a nurse. After all my kids were born, and the youngest was 2 years old, the older kids could take care of her while I went to Cabrillo to become an LVN. I worked as a nurse for 30 years.”

    On volunteering: “I’ve been a brown bag delivery driver for 20 years. I deliver 136 bags to the Presbyterian Church in Felton every Friday. Melvin used to be my copilot, now Adi West drives with me. When I arrive I see everyone there, it’s so fun. One of them, “Prince” is making an apple pie for my husband’s birthday – he’ll be 93 in April. It’s a great program, healthy food to supplement what we have to buy. I also love thrift stores and Grey Bears is one of the best.”

    Favorite item in the brown bags: “Raspberries and strawberries. I make jam as gifts. I also made red pepper jelly from peppers in the bags.”

    Attribute your longevity to?: “Well, I don’t drink, don’t smoke, eat right and help others. I like to stay busy volunteering at my church, with Grey Bears, am secretary for TOPS (take off pounds sensibly), and take care of my great grandkids. Oh, and I never get angry.”

    Best thing about getting older: “I’m happier. There’s less responsibility, we aren’t facing big life decisions, and we have such wonderful friends and family.”